Why everything in my life hapopens against my wish? :(

@subha12 (18449)
July 30, 2007 6:03am CST
Sometimes it seems I am the unluckiest of all in this world. every day every thing that happens, happens against my wish. First there is huge frustation from the career side. I am not at all getting any good opportunities. Now woe has been added in terms of tremendous pressure from my family in some personal matter. It gives me lot of pain. I have talked with my parents and its of no use. They want to thrash their decission on me. Tghere is not a single hour of the day i live without tension and happily. I wake up at night fearing everytime. Why all the bad things in thois world happens to me? Will i be finished this way gradually? Why am I so unlucky?
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@MsTickle (25154)
• Australia
4 Aug 07
Maybe you need to listen to your parents and do as they say. Maybe they are right...at least if you obey them it will take some pressure off you. As for your carreer, maybe you need to take a long, hard honest look at yourself. You obviously think you are wonderful but maybe to employers you simply don't have what they want or need. I've noticed a lot of young people at Mylot have a very high opinion of themselves. Because of their youth, lack of experience and wisdom, this opinion is a false one. Having a positive attitude is one thing but having skills and abilities to back up other's expectations is something else. Good luck to you.
• India
31 Jul 07
Like you, I also feel very depressed when I remember my past. However I would advise you to follow my trick…whenever I feel sad and unlucky, I think of people who are more helpless and unlucky then me. If you are depressed about your career, think about the many girls who don’t have any job of their own and are financially dependent of their parents / husbands against their wish. They undergo tremendous humiliation and abuse (both physical and mental) day in and day out, yet they cannot say anything because they can’t feed themselves. You atleast have a job, gradually work towards improving it. Your parents are trying to impose something on you against your wishes…I don’t know what it is, but listen to them with an open mind, don’t just argue for the sake of arguing. At least they are talking to you on this, in India most parents consider girls as family property, to be disposed off as and when the parents please. Repeat to yourself that you are not unlucky, you are just going through a bad phase which will definitely pass over!
@rai_atk (27)
• Malaysia
31 Jul 07
never say u hate your life. life is wonderful, give it time . you will find something and/or someone that you love. just stay positive and be patient. good things come to those who wait. u need to find your faith. u nees to pray and ask GOD to lead you in a path of righteousness. the lord never puts more than you can bear at once.Pick up the holy books that u beleive in and read it.....it always helps me
@subathra (3519)
• India
31 Jul 07
i suggest you to first calm down and relax.making yourself tensed every minute will leave you to depression.everyone has some problems or the other waiving in mind but one needs how to control emotions and find a solution for it. parents are our first well wishers.If you are not convinced with their decision of your matter, try to sit with them and explain them politely once more.Hope they try to understand you.
@aissha (2036)
• India
31 Jul 07
hi subha why are u so upset ,i won't go preaching and all ,i'll just say one thing ultimately its ur life and u really give it a thought ,take the right decision for urself ,take charge of ur destiny,brightest blessings.
@sunny5u (2071)
• India
30 Jul 07
Hi friend,one thing i will tell just see carefully.Even i think that i am also one of the unluckiest in the world,i will tell the reason,i am doing my b-tech final year,my friends are getting job,and i am not getting,but i believe that i am having the capability.But i am thinking that even i too will get a job one day. Even sachin tendulkar will feel unlucky few times that when every one say that you are not playing correctly and better to resign.Then he played well and came into form. Like that even Bill Gates feel like that,when his company goes into loss,then again he came with new ideas.Now he is top1.Don't feel...ok frnd...........