there is some paris hilton in all of us

July 30, 2007 7:23am CST
Everyone calls paris hilton as dumb and stupid but then why do everyone wants to know about her and she is the most talked about celebbrity. I have got a little Explanation. I think paris is just a girl who does what she wants to. She really doesnt care from what family she belongs to and what her carreer is and doesnt give a damn about anyone. I think we people ( especially me ) are too scared to breach the line laid down by society and thus we are wraped into rules. And this VIRUS is eating up our wishes every passing second. We got to break out such heavy chains which are made of nothing. A little example wud explain perfectly--- SAY, A new neighbour has moved in and Daaaaaamnn she is WHAT NOT. And you just like going around to her and grab her, and pick her and god knows u want to taste her. But then shes married, shes got a man, shes got a kid, Shes your moms co worker and all kind of social garbage is attached to it which really kills you, all your emotions go down the drain,WHY?? I shout this word out at you -" WHY WWWWWHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYY ". You know why something like this even happens to us in the first place? Its because of that little PARIS HILTON in all of us. But we have to kill that person in ourselves and when someone openly does what we never could do then we get curious and go forward to our telivision sets and look every little thing this little sweet girl is doin. Men starting from teens to grown ups to aged people, all went ahead to see her tape, payed like anything to watch it. Girls in schools,colleges, clubs like to talk about her clothes, what she wears? how she looks, what she does. The whole planet---WATCHES HER ---TALKS ABOUT HER ---WEARS WHAT SHE WEARS ---DOES WHAT SHE DOES BUT JUST CANT STOP RUNNIN ON YOUR MOUTHS ABOUT HOW DUMB SHE IS Does this article seems to be ridden wid some frustration. I dont think so. All what I am saying about is a thing which i wud like to speculate upon and find an answer to. I want to know that wheather anyone else feels the same WAY of breaking the social barrads and fly. NOTE: THIS IS MY SMALL "SHUT UP" ARTICLE FOR ALL THE HYPE BEING CREATED OVER PARIS HILTON- THE GIRL WHOSE SKILLS I ADMIRE A LOT. """LET HER BE PEOPLE"""
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