Addiction to internet

@chnworld (149)
July 30, 2007 7:39am CST
One of my friend is strongly addicted to internet.He cant live without internet. His family getting disturbed for this addiction. He is worried but cant solve his problem. I keep on giving lots of tips..but It would be better if you can provide any valuable tips...
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@diillu (5128)
30 Jul 07
I think he should start to cut out his internet using time. Like if he uses 10 hours internet per day then he should use internet next day for 9 or 9.30 hours. And involves himself in something that he likes more. In this way it is easier to get out of the addiction rather than completely stopping at one time. If he is made to completely stay out of the internet then he will search someway to do it and the addiction won't be gone either.
@Wyayenjee (160)
• United States
30 Jul 07
I'm sorry to say it may be too late if your friend's family does not do anything about it (i.e. if he lives by himself away from family). However, if he is living with parents then they should limit how much time he spends on the internet. There are programs out there that serves as a timer and after a certain period of time, the program shuts off the internet. His parents can set this up and the best part is it's password protected. My dad had to do that when I was getting bad grades in school, haha. Just slowly try to wean him off it while at the same time, introduce him to new activities/ hobbies if possible or just get him in the habit of reading/improving his studies so it won't mess him up later in life (depends on age, I don't know how old he is). Good luck! I hope there was some helpful advice in there. Just remember, people who build their life around the internet are very dull people (especially as house guests!) they never want to leave the computer! It's like having an internet-savvy rock that does so much online but accomplishes nothing in reality (of course there can be exceptions but...that usually isnt the case with my experiences with these people). Sorry if I sound harsh.