Computer Manufacturing

United States
July 30, 2007 9:58am CST
I would like to know why all the computer industries have sent all the work to other countrys? I worked most of my life in the computer industry , in the manufacturing of computers and I had a lot of very good hard workers, working for me. They worked hard to master the skill of doing quality work. Now they have all been put out of work and had to take jobs working in fast food places and temperary jobs. It is hard to raise and support a family properly on those type of wages. I am disabled now so I'm not writing this for myself i'm writing it for them. I feel if the company is in the Unites States, the work should be kept here. It sure would help our economy a lot. Yes I understand the companys are trying to cut cost, but when you cut cost do you really get a good quality product?
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