Are you like india food?

July 30, 2007 10:12am CST
I have stayed in india for four mouths on business.I do not like india food,because a lot of food is magma(this word may is not exact),it not like chinese food with is one by one and is savory etc. How do you think of india food?Are you like india food?etc.LOL
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@Shareaza (315)
• Sweden
30 Jul 07
Oh my good, i love indian food! I've only eaten "real" indian food once though (with that i mean cooked from an indian family). It was a couple of years i go when i went to liverpool to work at the hospital there. A guy from the hospital was from india and he asked if i wanted to live with him and his family for the rest of the week so i didn't have to spend a fortune on a hotel room. Anyways, when we arrived at his house his wife (also from india) had prepared a HUGE dinner with loads of indian dishes. I almost ate them broke :)
• China
31 Jul 07
LOL,everyone has himslef loves!!
• China
6 Aug 07
I have put a photo of india food on this website,welcome to look it!!