What phone do you like best? Which is the best phone you've ever used?

July 30, 2007 10:20am CST
I am currently using Nokia phone, model 3100. But i want to have a Black Berry, model 3800, and i think that is the best phone. But my friend said that Motorola is better. According to you, what phone do you like best, and what phone are you currently using? And the PDA i like best is O2 EXE. And you?
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• Malaysia
31 Jul 07
The best phone I had used is Nokia E60 and I'm still using it now. I can do a lot of stuff with it. Email, chat, surf the web, blog, work on microsoft word, excel and powerpoint, play music and 3gp videos, download stuffs and read pdf files. I'm even using it to type this discussion. It can do even more with more applications though. The only drawback is it doesn't have a camera even though its a 3g phone. It was one of the cheapest phone with wireless connectivity when i bought it. I prefer pdas though because of the wide range of things that can be done but they are very expensive. I like O2 zinc. Motorola is good but according to my friends, they are not durable. I'm not sure though, I never tried to wreck them.
• Canada
31 Jul 07
I started off with a Nokia 918, and when the battery on that one ran out, I was unable to find a replacement, so I was forced to upgrade. In 2002 I bought a Nokia 3390, a more advanced phone than I was used to at the time. It still works 5 years later, and I love it.