Strahan pulls a Tiki?

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July 30, 2007 1:31pm CST
What in the world is Michael thinking? Wasn't the Tiki retirement debacle last year bad enough? Couldn't he think of a better way to handle this than to simply not show up for training camp? Why can't this team stomp on the media crybabies from within? I'm starting to think the same thing of the Giants that I think of Congress: throw the bums out, every last one of 'em! We need people who will do the jobs that need doing without posing, pandering, or postulating to the press!
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30 Jul 07
It is a combination of being in NY where the press is king, the Star's egos, and the lack of respect for the coaches.Can you imagine any of this " dirty laundry " coming out if Bill; Parcells was still coach.I should have seen the " 5 minute " rule of the "coach" as the beginning of the end.Do you remember how the "coach" thought the players were late for meetings if they didn't come in 5 minutes early? I thought that was bad. But I thought that the team could come together around a dislike of the "coach". But when that didn't happen, I should have seen it as a sign.
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