@sharone74 (4839)
United States
July 30, 2007 1:54pm CST
How often do you really sit back and take stock of who you are, what you want in life, or whom, and where you plan to go with your future? I do it periodically, about once every few months. I take stock of my resources (emotional,mental, and financial.) I reevaluate the choices that I have made since last I evaluated and the result of those descisions. I think that it is extremely neccessary to take stock of your premises oftem. It is also important to do it honestly and with an eye to recognizing your part in matters. As they say when you go down to the very root of each of your problems in life, you will normally find yourself there.
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30 Jul 07
I find dream analysis a useful tool. It takes a lot of work and time to be able to uncover the meanings in your dreams, but they are a really accurate way to read your underlying worries and emotions. I write them down when I wake up on a bit of paper or book next to my bed so that I can remember them. Self-analysis is often a very difficult and painful process. It would be good if more people did it though.
• Philippines
30 Jul 07
Well I do this most of the time, specially when I got in trouble or if I'm alone or if I can't sleep. I love looking at the past of what I have done... Did I make the right decision? If not what should I do next time... Criticising one self helps alot. Its a healty thing actually. Self realization making you breath the freshest air around.
@Sushicook (691)
• Sweden
30 Jul 07
I do that all the time, as soon as I feel like I need to. It's very good to keep reminding yourself of what you really want, and see if your goals have changed without you realising it. I also think about how I am as a person now, compared to a month ago, a year, or more. It's amazing and sometimes a bit frightening to see how much you actually change over the course of a few months.