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July 30, 2007 2:13pm CST
I really want to know, so please respond. Is adoption the same thing as having a baby? Does adopting a baby really mean having your own? If you are childless and adopt one, I can understand. But if you have a child/children of your own and you adopt another child, would it be the same as having your own baby? Would you treat him/her the way you're treating your own kids? Be honest. Or in your effort to be fair and equal to your adopted child, would you inadvertantly hurt/ neglect your own biological children? Also, would you tell your adopted child that he/she's not your biological child? If so, at what stage? How would you cope with sibling rivalry in this case? If your biological child has had a fight with your adopted child, and if your own child is in the wrong, whom would you support? Okay, now. Presume that there is this absolutely prestigious university and since maybe you've moved into the city after the admissions are over and you could choose only one child for that course even though both might be appearing for the same admissions and both might be eligible, whom would you choose?
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9 Aug 07
I think parenting really is a state of mind. Sure, it's natural and normal to feel that your biological children are more superior than your adopted ones, but it really boils down to choice. First off, you have chosen to adopt, granted that you already have kids, and you have firmly had an idea of how hard it will be when they grow up, realizing and keeping everything as fair and balanced as you possibly could. You should really be sure that you're adopting, and firmly place the reasons why. And if in the end, you still want to adopt, I think all your choices and decisions would only stem from a good place and their best interests. A great company that has their customers best interests is Baby Baby is a great resource for all your baby accessories and baby furniture needs. Visit them at:
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30 Jul 07
Those are very tough questions from the start until the end! lol anyway, I can say that an adopted child once adopted you treat as your own child.. I will treat the child same way as I do with my biological child.. If ever they had a fight and my own child had a mistake, I will of course support the right one,, But I have to know how to manage my own child not to feel neglected.. same with the adopted child.. and regarding the universtity, Of course I would choose my biological child in this case.. But I have to explain to my adopted child whats going on.. I think from the very beginning I would want my adopted child to know the truth :D We have to know how to manage for them not to feel anybody is neglected or there is someone Im favor with.. Just be fair..It depends on how you will handle these situations