What is Aging?

July 30, 2007 7:43pm CST
For me Aging is a process of growing old; every part of the body is affected,among other changes: hair turns grey, skin develops wrinkles, joints & mustles lose flexibility, bones become weak, memory declines, eyesight diminishes & immunity is impaired. Inside our body cells naturally divide into set then die but are replaced by new cells. As we age, reproduction of cells slow down leading to progressive deterioration of all body systems. Also it is during the normal cell activity when unstable oxygen molecules called free radicals develop bombarding healthy cells & our immune system making us weak & old before our time.
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@buenavida (9169)
• Sweden
31 Jul 07
There are many ways to prevent lots of the old age symptoms that are considered normal. We can use antioxidants so that the free radicals donĀ“t damage our cells and good cold pressed oils that protect the cell membranes. In some countries people keep healthy due to their lifestyle, a good diet and good genes of course. I am working with health care and the company that provides the food supplements I am using as an independent distributor is soon 50 years old. Lots of people can keep strong and full of life far into an old age and full of energy. You will find mor information in my profile.