which is the best browser?

July 30, 2007 10:10pm CST
traditionally i think internet explorer (IE) or netscape were the most coomonly used ones..but bcoz they were most common in use, hackers used them for a number of things..now-a-days its like if u use IE you r at a high risk of getting viruses & spywares..i tried mozilla but is not as fast & has not all the features of a good browser..so..can somebody tell me which one is the best?..
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• Philippines
30 Sep 07
Hi chetan, welcome to mylot. Maybe I can suggest that you use opera browser. It is very fast when compared to mozilla and IE. It has a speed dialing and when you try to go back from your previous visited pages, it will load so easily and quickly. Otherwise, I am so impressed and satisfied with its performance. However, there are also some websites that cannot be opened by opera, so I used mozilla and internet explorer as well. Have a nice day and God speed!
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@ryanphil01 (4185)
• Philippines
31 Jul 07
actually i have tried several browsers from IE to nestcape to mozilla then to opera and the avant. i also had the chance to use the safari beta version for windows from apple, flock and many more. all these i did for comparison speially to speed and performance, if they are user-friendly or not. so far as to speed, i would recommend avant and opera. they use less RAM and with fewer add-ons, widgets and other external resources. pages load faster than mozilla.