th mirror of life

@mrddln (458)
July 30, 2007 11:29pm CST
often we are so stuck in our beliefs and patterns that we arent able to see the changes we need to make. even when we feel frustrated about our problems, we may not recognize what we need to lern to change things. that is why we need to use the mirror life. everything in out lives where are in the process of developing integration and balance. we can use everthing that happens externally as a mirror to help us see the areas within us that need healing and development. whenever we have a problem, especially a recurring or chronic problem, it is always an arrow pointing directly to some aspect of our psyhe where we need more awareness. If we accept that life is always trying to teach us exactly what we need to learn, we can view everything that happens to us as a gift. even experiences that are uncomfortable or painful contain within thwm an important key to our healing, wholeness, and proserity. we may have difficult understanding what the mirror of life is trying to show us as a gift. even experiences that are uncomfortable or painful, but if we sincerely ask for the learning and the gift in every experience, it will be revealed to us one way or another.
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