John on a roll

United States
July 31, 2007 1:06am CST
I dont know if yall watched it or not but i was watchin Monday Night Raw and John Cena was the first person on there and he had me laughin so hard my gut was hurtin! It didnt start getin funny til Carlito came out. John was talkin how he has been Champ since Oct. and Carlto decided to remind him on the "Very first new and improved Carltos cabana" that when he first debuted that he beat Cena for the championship so Cenas like oh ya 3 or 4 years ago in my home town, then you had ur gang jump me at that night club and all that. Then hes says 3 years ago when Brittney Spears was still hot and Micheal Jackson wasnt all that creepy. I dont know about you guys but i thought it was holarious then he talks about how Orton isnt his favorite person in the world and how he probably wont be gettin a Chrismas card from him. But on the other hand i laugh at everything.
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