how lucky are you in love?

July 31, 2007 11:50am CST
how lucky i am to have someone who makes saying goodbye so hard.. i cant imagine myself living my life without him.. yea there are sort of things that im dependent on him, specially in decisioning.. im such a clumsy impulsive childish person so thank God he gave me someone like him.. he has a lots of faults anyhow.. he's not like the so so good bf, he has his own imperfections.. but nonetheless, i love him still and my heart knows that i wouldnt be a better me without him... im kinda in the helping side right noe, for him to understand my side and be gentle about it.. i really wanted to win his love back.. i mean, the love he had for me before.. he's gone gold for awhile but yea we're in the so so okay condition.. hoping to be better for the next coming days.. pray for us guys., thanks! godbless! good day!
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