Being a bad person...How??

July 31, 2007 12:22pm CST
Hello myLotter. Some my friends are cheating on me, and the other are very cruel to me. Some times I really want to give them a big shoot just to make them know that I am not a weak girl. But I always can't do that, I think that they are a person with a little attention, so I will forgive them and forgot what they did. I really want to get mad with them I can't do that. Why I can hurt them? even they hurt me so much. I try to be nice to them and care with them, but they always ignore me. I don't want to be an angel everytime, I am an ordinary girl that can cry and can have a sad feeling if someone hurt me. How did you do if your friend cheating on you? Do you will get mad to your friend so you will fight and will not have them as your friend anymore? I really want to tell my friend that they hurt me, but I am afraid that I will hurt them. Can you help me to be a strong girl?
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