are you afraid to speak on terrorism here on mylot

@teflon09 (208)
July 31, 2007 4:35pm CST
Terrorists wherever they are on the globe, are wreaking a havoc on civility and on human existence.. their only agenda seems to be violence and invoking terror in the minds of people, spreadin' fear like an epidemic.. I don't want any controversies and do not want any racial profiling in dealing with terrorism. But I woud say that, no just cause on earth, however strong it may be can be achieved by violence, by killing innocents who r noway linked whatsoever.. Highly educated youth are taking to this.. a kinda feverish scenario prevails..if one particular faith teaches this kinda frenzy, then how good it is??.. I just wanna ask u, why there aren't enough discussions on mylot when innocents r gettin' targeted? Don't we have a collective responsibility to fight the evil and nip it in the bud?
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• United States
31 Jul 07
I used to be real political on this site, and noticed a lot of my discussions were not responded to or even deleted.... I am an American and stand up for anyones right to free speech... It seems that so many get offended that they negatively rate or complain.. No matter what side of the issue you are on.. There used to be a guy here named jyhad4life and that guy was banned for trying to show people where the terrorist might be coming from in their thinking, he was in no way anti American or pro war or pro terrorist, He was a Muslim and outspoken, he was banned.. I personnaly hate terrorist and the belief system they surround themselves with and hope they are all dealt with... But back on the subject, it seems that mylot is not a great place for political discussion or even taking sides... seems real neutral..
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@teflon09 (208)
• India
31 Jul 07
thanks for your response.. your explanation sums it up all.. well, even i don't like controversies as I indicated in my original discussion.. i am a peace loving man myself..if political discussions are not encouraged then i wud not like to start'em again..well, be as a roman while u r in Rome.. :) I just started this thread coz, i felt, violence is futile and cannot be welcomed by any sane man.. I appreciate your frank comments.. Best, Mike