July 31, 2007 7:28pm CST
What is wrong with Gambling?
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@ryanphil01 (4185)
• Philippines
1 Aug 07
Gambling can be defined as “risking money in an attempt to multiply the money on something that is against the odds.” The Bible does not specifically condemn gambling, betting, or the lottery. If we based our discussion from the moral point of view, we are admonished to stay away from the love of money. we are told and encourgaed to stay away from attempts to "get rich quick." Gambling most definitely is focused on the love of money and undeniably tempts people with the promise of quick and easy riches. Gambling is a difficult issue because if it is done in moderation and only on occasion, it is a waste of money, but it is not necessarily "evil." People waste money on all sorts of activities. Gambling is no more or less of a waste of money than seeing a movie (in many cases), eating an unnecessarily expensive meal, or purchasing a worthless item. At the same time, the fact that money is wasted on other things does not justify gambling. Money should not be wasted. Excess money should be saved for future needs or shared to those who really need it - not gambled away.