most talked about cellphone!!

August 1, 2007 4:58am CST
What's the most talked about mobile device? The one that's barely made an appearance, of course--the Apple iPhone. In every roundtable, every interview, every keynote The iPhone was inevitably brought up. In his keynote speech on Tuesday, Randall Stephenson, chief operating officer at AT&T, told the audience that he's already received one million requests from people wanting to be notified when the iPhone becomes available (check out the YouTube video above for a snippet of his speech). The much-hyped touchscreen device came up in a panel discussion on design, hosted by executives from T-Mobile, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung.
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@diillu (5128)
1 Aug 07
Well, I'm also thinking to have one. These days it is the most talked phone ever and I want to have one too. Everyone in my place are too keen to have that. But I know it is going to be realy pricy. So, will have to do the loads of saving so that I can offord one.
@dimaks (786)
• Japan
1 Aug 07
the same here. it is like when you wake up in the morning, the new version or model of the cellphone you own is already in the market. this is a market strategy - create a model with some reserve on its optimum features and capability and carry on with that reserved features to a newer version. it looks like add-ons in the internet browsers. the tendency is you get to buy time to time :)
@lpetges (3036)
• United States
1 Aug 07
i could really care less about my cell phone or having "the newest or best one" out there, because next week there will be better ones.