Fo you think hi tech gadgets has disadvantage too?

August 1, 2007 5:46am CST
as years past by our technology is getting better and better.ulike before many of the people uses low tech gadgetslike typewriter,black and white television,reference books,radio transmitter, telephone using the morse code or telegram and etc. these gadgets are very useful to our everyday lives and we can do many things out of it. using these gadgets like the typewriter is used in many things, reference books is used in research,black and white television in watching movies,radio in listening to music,telephone using morse code or telegram for sending messages and it is used also in communication.unlike now there are the hi tech gadgets or replacement to the low tech computers instead of typewiter,internet instead of reference books,television is still the same this time its not black and white it is colored already,transmitter radio instead of analog radio,cellphone,personal digital assistant instead of morse code and what do you think
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