Have you ever been fight with your brother or sister?

Brothers & sisters - Your family, your dear brother and dear sisters!
How much you really loved them?
@micaella (396)
August 1, 2007 8:27am CST
I have two brother and 2 sisters, ever since I, we, never ever been fight to each others, and I though even though we had our own family and kids, we will never ever fight, no matter how hard to live.... I was been a breadwinner to the family even to my brothers own family now, i am still giving all my support to my brothers family, especially for his kids education, though i have my own kids and my own family, i still dont forget to help them but till i got my own problem with financial, "everythings changed", my sister inlaw and i got argument becoz she mis understood what i am telling to their kids, and she was got mad and argued with me, bla bla bla... well of corz, my brother fight with me, seems like all the wrong and mistakes is from me... Their kids are all boys and i have still baby sister which is 1 year OLDER than their older son, and my daughter almost same with them, and i hate to see my nephews sleeping with my daugther and my sister in one bed, which is actually i knew already that their boys has malice on their minds now, do you think i was wrong for not letting my nephews to sleep with the girls as what their mother instruct to them? If its in your case, What do you think you will feel about that?
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• Switzerland
1 Aug 07
Used to. Well, we were young back then. Now, we just support and help each other in everything. Much to the delight of our parents! ;)
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@micaella (396)
• Philippines
2 Aug 07
thats good! Goodluck and thanks for reply, friend!
• India
28 Dec 07
I have one younger brother who is exactly opposite of my nature and we have lot of fights but all those fights are very small compared to amount of love we have for each other.