shaun pollock or glenn magrath???

@binny29 (1527)
August 1, 2007 8:30am CST
who is the best line and length bowler
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@raviivar (66)
• India
9 Aug 07
in this entire cricket world there are so many great bowlers.not only in the big big teams but also in the small teams like kenya zimbabwe also good bowlers are present.every one has his own style of bowling and every one has his own style of perfectionism.but when you will comwe to the comparison we have to see niot only the number of wickets we have to see all the parameters we have to take all these things into the consideration then only its better to decide who is the great bowler ,,who is the best bowler,, who is the good bowler like we have estimate such type of things by taking all these things into consideration.the bowlers pollok and mcgrath have come from world best teams and both the teams will almost equal number of matches per annum.and both the bowlers are pace bowlers in their teams.and both are almost equal in taking in my openion both the bowlers ars good bowlers but best means we have to decide only one i will decide one my openion mcgrath is best than pollok.because in the peak times of match he is the tis wiil decide the capacity of a bowler.he has that much tacticks than pollok.pollok is a good bowler bu the will not use that much takticks in the match peak times.mcgrath will maintrain line and length always but in my openion pollok have been failing many a times to maintain his line and in my decision mcgrath is best than pollck.
• Pakistan
3 Aug 07
Bith bowlers have a fanstastic line and length.. But if youw atch closely, pollock is a wicket to wicket bowler, who stops runs but he is not a keen wicket taker recently, thats y he is more successful in ODI's rather than tests... Glenn Mcgrath on the other hand is a keen wicket taker. He makes the batsman guessing on every delievery whether its ODI or tests. Whn u need wicket, give a ball to mcgrath, thats his reason of success in both forms of cricket.. So, I will give my vote to Australain great, Glenn Mcgath
@raviivar (66)
• India
1 Aug 07
ion my openion mcgrath is the best bowler .pollock is also a good bowler but in my openion mcgrath is good than polok .he is a good experienced bowler and he will easily turn the match in the difficult situations .he know how to bowl in certain conditions,he know where to bowl to make out the batsmen ..he is very good at these conditions in my openion a good bowler not neds more than these things for the perfection.