I can't understand this relationship...

United States
August 1, 2007 8:38am CST
I know that mothers have a tough job but I just can't understand the ones that live it so care free. I don't understand it. I have my birth mother, who feels like beating my little sister's brains out is the way to go. She lets her do whatever she wants. My problem is if you beat your child or how ever you discipline them, stick by it because if you don't its unfair to them and a waste of time. I have 4 babies for those who don't know me and I just dont understand how you could get so angry and hit them but ignore their wrongs and never praise their rights. I would love to talk to her but wouldn't know what to say. She has her attitude when you try to help her out and give advise but I care about my little sister. I would love to her some suggestions on what to do.
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• Philippines
1 Aug 07
its really hard to confront your mother but the easiest to do right now is to talk to your sister that she should not be mad with your mother.. try her to understand why your mother is doing that.. although its hard to understand such spanking...or scolding... You try to explain everything to your sister.. after that earn some courage think of ways on how and when yOu can insert the topic with your mom... :) Hope everything will be ok with you guys.. Just earn courage.. Dont lose it :) be brave on everything you do,.. face the reality and do some ways to solve any problems.. Take care and keep smilinG!
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• United States
1 Aug 07
You are right. Beating a child is wrong in my eyes. You need to say something although it may be hard. It won't stop unless someone says something. Even if it doesn't stop then at least you know you've tried and done all you can do. If it's that bad though I would contact the authorities wether it be your mother or not. Your sister is not able to defend herself.