Bad Memories on Vacation

@peanutjar (5200)
August 1, 2007 2:32pm CST
6 years ago i went on my first "real" vacation in my life.It was very beautiful there and relaxing.Until one day we decided to go on a bavaro runner expedition.We had visited sugar cane fields,swam at a hidden beach lagoon and went to visit an under ground tunnel.We had to slowly climb down the hole on ropes and wear helmets with lights on our heads.There was alot of minerals that had formed to make little we walked on the tour guide sad we had to swim through a tunnel.So i thought "o.k this should be fun".So we started to swim through a couple of seconds and came up for air in a small opening.I thought "well thats that" but it was not over yet!I cannot swim far or hold my breath under water.The water goes in my nose.We were wearing rubber boots that the guide had given us,and my legs were getting tired of paddling in the same spot while he was discussing the stuff around us,and the walls seemed like they were closing in on me.PANIC ATTACK!!!!I went under,swallowed alot of water and (forgot) how to come to the top of the water,my boots felt like bricks pulling me more down.My boyfriend grabbed me and pulled me up.I was really only 1 foot under the top of the waters surface.I climbed on him like a crazy squirrel, and broke my nail scratching the rocks to get out.The guide took my hand and led me under the water with a big breath,we were out.Let me tell ya,i was faster than speedy gonzoles,going down the stairs.I ended up falling on the steps because i just rained.But i had a nice cold beer waiting at the end of this ordeal. Lesson learned" Never do this again!!!!!!!"
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@maehan (1444)
• United States
1 Aug 07
Where is this place? Did the tour guide explain the consequences and the requirement before setting off? I do remember I had joined the tour to Tibet. Before the tour, the tour agency told us that we must have certain criteria, build up our immune system, stamina etc. Your experience really give me a advice that we have to check out the place before we start off. Thank you.
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@peanutjar (5200)
• Canada
1 Aug 07
It was in the domincan republic.We bought a package for a day adventure.The guide was blah,blah blah and mostly telling dumb jokes and doing impressions of "Scary Movie the white skeleton" all the time.Very lame.I think us we just looked like $$$$ signs. Thank-You for reading my "bad vacaton memorie".