Do you write your diar?

August 1, 2007 10:29pm CST
It is a proverb that scholars write minutes to waste minutes. Do you agree with this statement. If not, do you write your diary. If you write your diary please tell me the benefit of diary writing. I think it is wastage of time.
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@butterfly39 (3907)
• Philippines
2 Aug 07
Sorry but I don't have a diary and I hate writing all my activities...I find it so boring.
@19ewf84 (463)
• Austria
2 Aug 07
LOL. I had a diary when I was a kid and I often wrote something. Not about "today I went shopping, found a nice shirt,..." more about thoughts, feelings, maybe poems and so on.. Since I did not have a happy childhood it helps me getting to know myself.. I know this sounds strange but.. well, thats it.. I don't have a diary now.. but sometimes I take a piece of paper and start writing what I'm thinking..
@ronak4u (136)
• India
15 Aug 08
yes i do agree with you it s just wastage of time only. i never write any dairy.
@Elusive (285)
• United States
6 Aug 07
I truly beleive this to be true because I write just to waste time when I am bored
3 Aug 07
I do write in a diary, and i still have it. Writing in my diary has been my way of pushing through problems. When we dealt with divorce and job loss i felt a lot better after i wrote my feelings down. Writing gives me peace of mind, so it isnt surprising if i still keep a diary
@tute_cute (318)
• Indonesia
2 Aug 07
Nothing i do with my diary book. I just save it in my locker and yah...just say hello in the night. Writing diary usually i do in spare time in holiday, that is just for 5 minutes not more......nothing special with my mind. And i think most girls in the world have diary to say what they feel?? that's not too important for me.
@patgalca (15438)
• Orangeville, Ontario
2 Aug 07
I hardly think it's a waste of time. Sometimes there are so many thoughts scrambling around inside me it is good to write them down, sort them out, analyze them and find a resolution or a way to accept what may be happening. As a writer it is good practice to just write and write and write about anything and everything. I keep journals for my children about the funny things they say, events in their lives like birthday parties and what they wore for Halloween each year, and there great accomplishments adding how proud I am of them. These will be great gifts for them when they are older. Writing in my gratitude journal reminds me every day of the blessings I have in my life. And my prayer journal helps me to say my prayers in a way that doesn't feel like I am reciting a prayer. It may be a waste of time for you, but then you are probably not a writer. Writing is a way of expressing my creativity and my thoughts and feelings just as an artist does with his paintings, or a musician with his music.
@puput_251 (128)
• Indonesia
2 Aug 07
I think write in diary not clear a problem. I like finish my problem with dreamily what is my mistake....may be any other dreamily problem with write in diary...:)