Have you changed your lifestyle because of climate change?

August 1, 2007 10:36pm CST
I myself have tried to make a difference by enouraging lights being switched off, reducing water usage, and for our next car, I will push for a hybrid or maybe the Chevrolet Volt, and as well make sure they drive it properly. What if anything have mylotters done to change their life in relation to climate change or what do you plan to do?
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@coffeeshot (3785)
• Australia
2 Aug 07
yes, ever since I watched a program on TV about climate change and greenhouse gas emissions I have been more vigilant in conserving power and energy. I no longer have my television or stereo on standby, I switch everything off at the wall, and keep thelights in the house turned off when I'm not using them. I also hate air conditioning-at my work in the office, the office girls never turn off the air conditioner and when I go in there at 8 o'clock at night, it's still turned on and no one's in the office! It annoys me so much that they're wasting all this energy and causing all this pollution. SO I go in there every night and turn it off. Last night when I went in to turn the air conditioner off, I noticed that the radio in the office was on too! Some people just have no idea and we really need to educate people about this.
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• Malaysia
2 Aug 07
Yeah....we actually got a similar plan.....to be more conservant. The different is changing or not, I mean the materials.