who is Jesus?

August 2, 2007 12:36am CST
Jesus reveals that he comes to do His Fathers will. He reveals that his mission to establish Gods kingdom and to invite all men to share His love and life. Jesus wanted us to develop ourselves, to enrich all the good gifts entrusted to us and to grow in love God and for our neighbor. Just like every time we promote justice, place and love, every time we make concious effort to lead a holy life, we grow in love for God and for our neighbor. Jesus Christ is God. His works and words declare after witnessing His miracles, confess His Divinity. The miracle of Jesus of the Resurrection is the supreme sign that Jesus is God, sent by the Father out of the fullness of His love for all mankind to "manifest and communicate both Himself and the eternal of His will concerning the salvation of mankind. Who is Jesus for you?
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