Suggestion for success

August 2, 2007 2:53am CST
1.Marry the right person.This one decision will determine 90% of your happiness or misery. 2.Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. 3.Be forgiving of yourself and others. 4.Be generous. 5.Have a grateful heart. 6.Persistence 7.Discipline yourself to save money on even the most modest salary. 8.Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated 9.Commit yourself to quality. 10.Be loyal. 11.Be honest. 12.Be a self-starter. 13.Stop blamming others.Take responsibility for every area of your life. 14.Take good care of those you love.
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• India
2 Aug 07
SUCCESS - ITS LIKE A GAME OF CHESS!! Some are born to succeed, some achieve success and some have success thrust upon them. The queen, the rook, the bishop and the knight are born to succeed, while the king has success thrust upon him. The pawns are just six squares away from achieving success. For the pawn, there will be challenges as well as support, it's certainly going to be hard work to move from one square to another. You can endure anything in life to become what you can become. Most of us are like pawns. Begin with the end in mind. What's important is not where you are but where you are progressing in life. COUNTER CHOICES : Life is a game of chess. You play this game with a partner called God(existence). One way of looking at the game is that after every move of yours god makes a counter move. God doesn't give you ends, but only bends. For every choice, there is consequence. True!!!!! But also remember - for consequence, there is a counter choice. Be a choice maker and move ahead in life. Soooooo, LETS PLAY!!!!!!
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@kyutstudph (1263)
• Philippines
6 Aug 07
The secret of success is not really all that obscure— however, it cannot be specifically defined for the masses because success can be defined quite differently by each individual. Therefore, in order to identify the secret of success, it is first necessary to come to terms with your own personal definition of success. Each individual’s own definition of will be influenced by several key factors: Success is subject to individual interpretation based on upbringing, past experiences, role models, personal motivations and goals. For some it might be to own a home in an upscale neighborhood, while for others it might be a career in the Peace Corps. Carefully contemplate your definition of success based on your values—not what your brother-in-law or Madison Avenue tells you it is. Your own definition of personal success directly influences the secret of, or critical factors of success. Your view of success will change at various times throughout your life. For example, what might be deemed successful in college or on your first job is very different from successfully raising a family or comfortably retiring in the Caribbean. Your definition of success will continue to change, so don’t make the error of pursuing an outdated version of it. Success factors will change over time. When you achieve success in life, it is sometimes measurable and sometimes not. Accumulating a certain amount of wealth is one measure, but a successful marriage may be far more meaningful to many people and can only be measured by how the two partners feel about each other as the years go by. Very few people achieve success accidentally. Most people who achieve success first defined it then planned for it; they set a goal to achieve it. They also know that the secret of success changes, depending on the goal.
• India
12 Aug 07
Yes kyutstudph,u are right.But to coming myself,if somebody comes near and say i am there with u no problem and give a proper guidances in doing our works done,then i think it would help to that in getting that work done easily without making himself feel difficult in completing that job.If u achieve whatever u want it is nothing but success.It is rally a word to say,but it is very difficult to achieve,if we achieve it then u think u re the happiest man in the world.
@Lydia1901 (16353)
• United States
11 Aug 07
Well, those are some pretty good advices and I think that is a good idea. I think the right person helps make everything better.
• India
12 Aug 07
Yes u are right to Lydia. I agree with u becoz i feel the same.