Are there still bargains on Ebay?

August 2, 2007 3:01am CST
I have a feeling that it gets harder and harder to find private sellers, selling off their good on ebay. Before you get to those you have to go through tons of professional sellers. What could you do?
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• Malaysia
2 Aug 07
no need for you to go thru ebay, just type or key in the name of the product that you wanted to in address/search box......than it goes.......just choose which one..
• Ireland
2 Aug 07
Well .. I figured that out that you will find products by typing stuff into the search box. But I mean .. for example you would like to buy a PSP, ebay spits out 1000 of them all new and stuff. But it is hard to find just an older one year old one. Because Ebay is full of professional sellers.
• Ireland
3 Aug 07
Looking for tools like this this site It lists all auctions at ebay at one dollar with only one hour left.