my stolen wallet returns!!!

@therine (163)
August 2, 2007 4:33am CST
im just so happy this day for i got back my lost wallet.. its just yesterday that i've lost it and i don't know why and how it happen... i just knew it when i already ride a jeepney to go home... i was about to get some coins for my fare but i just couldn't grab my wallet i was getting so panick inside the jeep.. and i don't know what to do coz i only got 1.00 in my packet.. im just so thankful coz i got a very good and kind schoolmate who happens to be in the jeep also so even if we are not friends i approached her and ask some favor if she could pay me for the fare and thanks God she gave me 5.00 pesos so i was able to pay the driver..and now when i went back to school one of my friend approached me for there is a student according from him who saw my wallet inside the chapel of our school im just curious why they found my wallet there where in the first place i haven't gone to the chapel .. but anyways i was so happy coz i got it back even if i loss my 90 peso bill whats important is i also got back my nameplate which i place inside the wallet and my birth certificate and other important papers... thanx God... have you also encounterthis case???
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