who has horses

August 2, 2007 8:21am CST
Hello fellow horse owners, would like to have friend with horses and one that does horsey stuff, I am down to two horses from eight, we moved from BC to Alberta and couldn't bring them all, so I kept my Warmblood and my Paint. I love all horses grades and registereds and I am currently getting into Driving and ponies, might go buy one of the ponies I sold back for this event. looking forward to hearing from horsey people ;-)
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• United States
12 May 08
I do not own my own horse(s), but I am leasing one this summer and have ridden since I was six years old. I know a lot about horses and the different disciplines (Anything ridden English, mainly) and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me!
• Australia
21 Aug 07
Hi Everyone! We currently have 12 horses, three are due to foal in November onwards, give or take a few weeks. We may have another two foals on the way, but they havent been confirmed by the vet. This is our first year at breeding our own and hopefully it all goes smoothly. We have - 2 standardbreds (one is my first horse who will never be sold, he's 19 years old now, so getting on. the other is a mare we got for free who is 22 years old) - One cremello quarter horse mare, who's in foal to a nice big quarter horse stallion - A Quarter horse cross appaloosa, she's also in foal to the same stallion - Six Australian stock horses, three of them young fillies, all of them half sisters, and also their older half sister. We also have an unrelated mare (my partners second horse) and a lovely gelding who is our newest horse and i love him to bits! - Two thoroughbred mares, both half sisters and are pretty much just brood mares, One is in foal to the quarter horse stallion mentioned above. The other is meant to be in foal to an arabian stallion but yeah, no confirmation. If she is, she'd be due around January i think? My partner's into campdrafting (its a sport much loved over here in australia, where you cut out a cow from a pen of 8 or so, then have to manouvre it around a figure 8 course then through a 'gate') And i just like taking photo's of them. I cannot wait to get back to riding them though, as i'm pregnant, due to "foal" in the beginning of October, as soon as im given the all clear i'll be back riding them again! ANyway that was a long ramble, i could talk for ever about our horses!
• United States
6 Aug 07
Hello I am a fellow horse owner. I have a 9-year-old grade and a 5-year-old quarter horse. I'm currently training the 5-year-old. I used to rodeo and then I went off to college and then I just had a baby a year ago. Needless to say I've been away from the horse world for a few years, but I'm slowly getting my feet wet again:) Riding horses are like therapy for me it is so relaxing and my mind goes to a different place when I ride it is great! What do you do with your horses?