"London (Minn.) bridge is falling down!"

United States
August 2, 2007 8:28am CST
such a terrible tragedy in minnesota. Praise God that more people weren't killed or injured. and condolences go out to those directly affected. i travel over a bridge that is under construction every day, sometimes several times. this bridge spans the mohawk river and has been slated to be replaced since the early 1990's. the construction of the new bridge has finally begun, but they continue to let traffic flow over the bridge. the other day i was stopped smack dab in the middle of it, and trucks were traveling over it. well, the bridge was bouncing so much, the coffee was spilling out of my cup. and it continued vibrating for several minutes after the truck was clear of it. i have seen a major bridge collapse on the NYS thruway back in the 90's, and several others on tv throughout the world. i'm beginning to rethink my travel route to get across the river. it means going out of my way a few miles. but suddenly it seems like such a safer idea. how about you folks? will you avoid bridges that are getting worked on? will you avoid bridges all together, if possible?
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@deebomb (15319)
• United States
2 Aug 07
Quit a few years ago we had a bridge collapsed close to the town I was living in. The bridge was about 50 yard long and crossed a river. The North Platt in Nebraska. It was in the middle of the night and had only one car tried to go over it and landed in the river. The person in the car was lucky because a police officer was just behind him and saw what happened so was able to get him out of the river before he was swept away. The army engineers put pontoon floats near the bridge to allow people to cross the river. That was very unsettling experience to drive over a floating bridge. Yes if I were you I think I would also find a new way to cross the river.