why do or dont you like the car?

August 2, 2007 9:20am CST
Tell me all you reasons for liking the car. or for not liking the car
9 responses
@phon4u (2217)
• Laos
10 Aug 07
I like a car to go anywhere. It is saved to drive on the road. Riding a motorbike is too dangerous. Our skin will cover the metal. If we drive a car the metal will cover our life. I will choose a car.
@woaking (146)
• United States
11 Aug 07
I agree with you
8 Mar 08
First thing is first the pic is wrong but every thing else is fine
@ayou82 (3459)
• Philippines
23 Feb 08
I love cars.. I really love it specially if its a racing car... beautiful!
@farazkh1 (1155)
• Pakistan
22 Feb 08
What i really want to have in the car is space,pickup,handling & suspension and ofcourse shape really matters but shape can be compromised when you have the above qualities ........ what i don,t like is missing things i have mentioned above .........
@tinu62 (55)
• Switzerland
12 Aug 07
I like my Hyundai Trajet V2.7. It has automatic gear and air conditioning. But I don't like the bad turn radius.
@vishwas81 (359)
• India
10 Aug 07
i like car very much, if we want to go any where it has very use full to us . it is necessary in today's life.i think it is requirement of hot sunny day and rain.
@ayris77 (1303)
• Malaysia
10 Aug 07
I like car because it is more comfortable for today life and also to protect us from hot sunny day and rain,different if we use bike or motocycle! And .. i like car because we can carry more people with us ,if we want to go anywhere we want!
@archer1811 (1098)
• Philippines
10 Aug 07
I like cars, first and foremost when you have to go to one place you may not suffer for commuting and riding into public transportation, second when you have a car you can go out anywhere you want and anytime you think of going outside and going to a place you want to go, having car makes our lives easy, why? because if you have to go to the supermarket and needs your grocery its hard to hire a taxi to get you into your house and of couse the cost of paying you owe into the taxi is less than the cost of the gas spent in your own car and facing the truth that having car makes you save energy and time too..
• Philippines
10 Aug 07
first is because i love driving second i love cars eversince third i want to own one or two.. fourth is that i just cant keep my eyes on it!!!!