what if my younger brother is addicted to computer games?

August 2, 2007 11:14am CST
my younger brother is 11 now and he is addicted to computer games. but these games he plays are not the ones in which people play roles or violent or blue. is it harmful for him playing such games? what should i do? or should do nothing?
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• China
13 Aug 07
first, a question, can you find a thing to catch his attention more than the games! in my opinion, just let it be, nowadays,there are so many teenagers play computer games constantly . and i think being addicted to computer games is just a matter of exact age stage . and with time goes, everything will be right! i have a brother,and he just fond of wandering with his friends and seldom doing homework . i've tried to persuade him just pay a litter bit more attention to his study . but all of these don't work . everyone has his or her own life,i think . no, just wait! maybe i am too optimistic! anyway, being addicted to computer games is not good, maybe, to be a sister as you are, you can help him finding some interesting and beneficial games or just interesting books . i always read when i am alone and have nothing to do . i think he will like it . yeah~ i must say that he is lucky have a sister like you . good luck!!
• China
14 Aug 07
i really appreciate your suggestion. maybe it is true that almost every teenager boy likes playing computer games. but what i am worring about is there seems nothing else but Tv can arouse his interest. maybe you are right, i shuold just wait and he will grow up in his own way.^^
@ktmatunog (912)
• Philippines
30 Aug 10
i think you should do something if you see him neglecting his health or him having a negative change in attitude like not listening to your parents. Addiction to computer games are harmful when the person's activities of daily living is impaired. like he skips meals, or his grades are low.