Job for less money

@mamina30 (135)
United States
August 2, 2007 1:18pm CST
Should I take a job for less than what I was making before or wait until I find better.
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@nice030481 (1110)
• Philippines
14 Mar 08
Usually when we leave our job to find another, we consider the benefit that we will get. and of course it should be higher than what leave. I think you can find another which is much fits for you and you can say that "this job is for me and me is for this job" goodluck !!
@nice030481 (1110)
• Philippines
14 Mar 08
Usually, when we leave our job to take another we consider of course the benefits that we will get. i think you can find a better job that fits for you and you can say that this job is for me and me is for this jo. goodluck!!
• China
7 Nov 07
One will meet dilemmas in life. I can fully understand your situation. This is a personal choice. /firstly, you need to know what is the most important for you, earning lots of money to support your family or finding your liking job. One can not accept a job for money only. Interest and achieving your dream in your job is also important. YOU need to take this into consideration. Good luck on you !
• India
3 Aug 07
Hey it all depends upon yourself.If job plays a vital role in looking after your family now,do it otherwise wait until to get a better opportunity.So,abt it once and proceed further,I wish u all the best.
• United States
2 Aug 07
Only you can really decide this, it's a personaly choice based on your own circumstances. I was faced with a very similar situation a few months ago. We didn't have to have my income so I was able to be more picky about what I choose to do, but if your supporting a family that's a different matter. Would you like the new job? To me liking a job is more important than the money, but I know I'm probably in the minority on that one. One good way to make a decision about this would be to make a pro/con list and see how things add up for you. Good luck on your decision.
@19ewf84 (461)
• Austria
2 Aug 07
what does "less" mean? Everyone has to know it for himself.. If it would be a job I enjoy and love the money factor isn't THAAT important. BUT.. it depends on how much less and what kind of job and.. how many hours you have to work and and and... is it enough to live..