Which Windows do u like ?

August 2, 2007 3:05pm CST
Which window do u like ? And Which window is best ? Window 95, Window 98, Window 2000, XP, Vista ?
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@pevicasi (71)
• Brazil
23 Oct 07
The Windows 98 is lighter and runs on any machine have a visual ugliest, it is full of bugs and have few resoources it is a patchwork of patchwork. Windows XP is more visually attractive, it is also more stable because its core is based on Windows 2000 and has more resources. The Longhorn is the codename of Windows Vista, has supported all the most modern technologies such as the dual and quad processor core, Directx 10, in addition to have a graphical interface with multiple effects as translucent windows and 3D, but it is very cumbersome and not runs on any hardware. That is, will depend on the machine you have, if they have a k6 with 64 MB of Ram is from W98, if you have a Pentium 3 or4 with less than 512 Mb of XP and that will have a Dual Core with more than 1 GB the Ram is the Windows Vista is the best option.
• Indonesia
2 Aug 07
I love XP... really familiar to use...