Should arranged marriages be outlawed?

August 3, 2007 8:38am CST
Arranging marriages is an insult to the very nature o marriage, which should be about creating a loving and lasting partnership and family. It reduces a central part of what is fundamentally a religious ceremony (and every religion, including Islam, guarantess choice) family values. This is even more an issue where people come into a country where marriage is sen as a central value that should be free, where it is a specific challenge to any moral code.
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• Canada
3 Aug 07
I used to think like you and back then I would have agreed with you as well. But, I have talked with a friend who had an arranged marriage. According to her, even though it may have been arranged, she also was able to meet him before and get to know him. Also, her parents and her friends felt he suited her. She has said that he is a very good husband and a very sweet man. So it may not be all that bad! I guess it depends on the parents' judgement.