Secondary analysis: Purpose and limits

@mrddln (458)
August 3, 2007 7:59pm CST
THe purpose of this paper is to state as clearly as possible the definition and application od secondary analysis as a quantitative research strategy. furthermore, this reseach paper elaborates the historical development, uses such as an important resource for educational research and evaluation, and advantages so with its limitations of secondary analysis. At the end of this research, the sole pupose of expounding secondary analysis aims at implanting to the minds of young researchers as to how this method contribute an be used in making their future researches. IF valid, the rationale supporting secondary analysis in research may be applied to educational intervention. The perspectives taken are those of an educational research evaluation both substantive and methodological; a teacher and trainer of methods in educational research and evaluation; and a professional interested in improving his own undestanding of the profession through colleagial interaction and exchange of ideas, (Burstein, 1978).
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