poet's block...UM I DUMB 2 RHYME???

August 3, 2007 8:47pm CST
i have been writing poetry seriously since last 6 years now..since i was 12...now the thing is, back then rhyming poems about everything seemed appropriate but now as my subjects have got darker i dunno wat to do...rhyming seems stupid but otherwise it seems more like a story...i have been pissed over this since a long time 'coz a lot of my recent poems were left without an ending 'coz of this idiotic reason... wat shud i do???
2 responses
• Canada
4 Aug 07
listen to some rap music, it might inspire you ~~~~~
• India
4 Aug 07
it rhymes so much that it gets on my nerves... :(
• Canada
4 Aug 07
but theres always some wicked rhymes out there , im sure it will help... more or less..
• United States
19 Nov 07
Stop worrying about rhyming ! Some of the very best poetry, in my opinion, tends to come from the depths of the composers soul like a well-spring. Rushing and not requiring too much of the same encouragement to flow it does naturally. If rhyming is not happening don't assume your poetry is worse, in fact it could be better if you disregard the idea 'its becoming a story'. Cause what is a poem ? A short story, basically an idea elaborated upon in visual imagery using words and phrases that paint without actual paint but nevertheless color the black n white imagination. Get it? Keep writing and don't think a block is a bad thing . . . it is a re-awakening of the senses to stop wanting to ryhme but to keep entertaining light or dark elaboration ! sharing the light, miss erica hidvegi