The Worst Thing had Happened

August 3, 2007 9:37pm CST
The worst thing happened, you are booted out of your precious job. The company that has helped you feed your family sacked you out since you are not fitted with their programs and yes you are too old for the job. If this happens, what should we do?
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@mermozn (18)
• Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
8 Aug 07
Hi there, No panic, better seat down relax and do a sort a taking stock of your passion, desires and see how best you can convert all that into a product or services and cash in.
@wasons (302)
• China
5 Aug 07
it is a serious problem,i think you must ask a awyer for help,even if you are fired by the company ,the company may pay you certain money for your loss,and you must find another job at the same time.everybody would face up to the problem in their lives,so don't worry about that,every thing will have the way to deal with.for me,i have losen my job for over 8 months,by now i have invested the stock market to feed myself.