Why do girls flirt when in fact they are just 15 years old?

August 4, 2007 8:13am CST
For older or adult males, girls who are just 15 years old and flirting with them can be irritating or annoying because they can spell a lot of troubles to adult or older men. Why would a girl flirt when in fact she is just 15 years old? Can't they wait for their time? When should a girl flirt by the way?
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@LordCaim (40)
• Singapore
4 Aug 07
Names for the people has been edited... I have a male friend who is 13 years old , he told him that in his class which everyone is also 13 years old , there is a girl named V and a boy named M who are dating , M's finiacial state is a little above average and he is always borrowing money from his classmates to buy gifts for V. One day , my friend let's call him X , X told me that V dumped M. And she went for another boy named R , she kept SMSing R to tell him sweet things and stuffs like that but R didn't fell for her treat and rejected her.So a few days later V went back to M and not long after V contracted chicken pox , a few weeks later my friend K told me that when V returned to school she was scolded by everyone A Prositute I asked my friend why they scold V a prositute and he told me that when V was not feeling well when she contracted chicken pox , M took care of her and even slept with her! Can u believe this , they are all only 13 years old!!!!!!!