August 4, 2007 9:03am CST
what is ram in computer
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@rouwel23 (1353)
• Philippines
4 Aug 07
Random access memory
• Italy
4 Aug 07
the random access memory is a type of data storage used in computers. The word "random" refers to the fact that any piece of data can be returned in a constant time, regardless of its physical location in contrast with storage mechanism as type, magnetic and optical discs which rely on the physical movement of the recording medium or a reading head.
• India
4 Aug 07
It is a hardware used to increase the processor speed.A high speed ram take less time to open a page than a low speed ram.
@owlwings (42111)
• Cambridge, England
4 Aug 07
RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is much faster than disk because it is connected to the main data bus (the main highway, if you like). It only stores data when the PC is on, however, so it is used for all the temporary storage that a program needs to do. Any program that needs to use a lot of temporary storage, such as a graphics program, works best with a lot of RAM. If your machine doesn't have enough, Windows will use an area of disk to store temporary data. This is much slower, since it has to read and write to the disk every time it needs that data. The single most effective way of speeding up a PC (to a point, of course) is to add more RAM.
• Malaysia
4 Aug 07
RAM stands for Random Access Memory. This means Information can be retrieve and store by the computer at any order. RAM gives your computer a temporary place to process electronic data. This means that, RAM chips continue to store information only as long as computer has electrical power. In other words, when you shut off your computer, all the data stored in RAM are lost.