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United States
August 5, 2007 4:04am CST
I was at my friend's home after a night of dancing and drinking. Me, him, and our other friend were at his house with some smokes and a bottle of jack and I was looking forward to a few more shots. It was only 3 am and early, too early to call it a night. I asked for some more and he acted all fake. I never cut him off when I provided the drinks, so I was pretty upset. Not to mention, my other friend acted like a real jerk. I told him I could go home for more alchol/liqor. (I spelled it wrong on purpose because mylot wont let you use those words.) and he told me to go home then. I did and I think it is messed up. They said I'm an alcoholic because I wanted more. My philosophy is to not let your buzz go, otherwise what was the use of drinking in the first place. It is only fun if you are buzzing, otherwise you can drink juice. What do you all think? They are jerks right?
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@men82in (1270)
• India
6 Aug 07
Due to their habits they are enjoying how it meant they are jerks. Let them enjoy the life if their status permits.
• United States
7 Aug 07
Thank you for your comment. I am a little confused by what you mean though. Are you saying that I should not have wanted to drink anymore, or that they are jerks for being party-crashers?