relationship problem

August 5, 2007 5:54am CST
Please help me, if u were in my situation... I was just broken up with my exboyfriend of 5 months dating the reason is just silly....he (Patrick)is not ready to meet my mom and he thought that our relationship is not serious.So now we decide to be friends friend The thing is iam happier when iam with him , i ve been in few relationship before and nothing like when iam with him. He (PAtrick) is studying in uni at the moment and he is not working so he is not financially ready. My heart saying that is hould not leave him and he is my soulmate but my ego wants someone who can make comitment , have job and will marry me IAm confused if u were me what will u do ? Should i just wait for him untill we both ready or should i move on?
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@ayris77 (1304)
• Malaysia
5 Aug 07
I'm sorry if my ideas cannot solve your problem! But i try to be rational to solve my new mylot friend!I guess,your problem is just because of not your ego, but because of you actually not ready to accept him as your lifetime partner! You must be realistic.Not too press him very much.He still study and have a lot of assignment much be done!If you are really want him to be your husband next time,it is not late.Only refresh your relationship with him.You must know that,If the best friend become your lifetime partner,it will be a strong relationship.One more.For now,please do not pushing him with a word of wedding or marry! If the God allow you to be his wife,it will be given to you! Believe it!Always pray for your relationship!
@sid556 (30989)
• United States
5 Aug 07
Well, he is in school and I assume studying so that he can do something better in his life. That tells me that he is not lazy,has ambition and his financial status will be changing for the better. You say you are happiest when with him. So whats your hurry? If you love him, I would say that you should wait and see where it goes. good luck!