what do we get having our own blogs?

@Bujoyseth (1684)
August 5, 2007 6:33am CST
i'm just wondering why almost all people in the net have their own blogs.. what do we get having blogs? do we also earn with this or what? i just wanna know..
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@dianagnes (1088)
• Singapore
7 Aug 07
Some people may like to express their views through blogs..like diary but this is so called online diary where people may read..sure its not their secrets diary.They would like to share it with their friends..their friends read theirs and they read their friends.Its like exchange.
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@squaretile (3778)
• Singapore
6 Aug 07
i don't think most blogs pay money. it's just like an online diary. and those have been around since the 1990s... remember geocities.com? well, those homepages are what have morphed into blogs. sometimes i feel that people get into trouble saying too much on their blogs, and they are also hiding behind the computer. if you have something to say about your colleague just say it in front of his face, not over the blog. :)
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@happymom1 (1179)
• United States
5 Aug 07
Hi if you have a blog you can earn more. Learn blogging system and you will love it. Its a little bit hard at first but if you will know about blogging you will have fun. Try to go to my blogs and review it you will be paid. www.happymomiam.blogspot.com and www.mommygen.blogspot.com
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@puchapox (579)
• Philippines
5 Aug 07
There are different reasons to blog as there are different kinds of websites. I think you might have noticed just a fraction of the blog community whose main reason is to earn extra income, but there are other reasons as well. I'm not in the position to say what their reason are, but I can tell you mine. I blog because it's my personal outlet. Gone are the times when I just write it in a diary or a scrap of paper. When something affects me in one way or another I have to write it down lest I forget it. Its not as private as writing a real diary, but it helps me work on my moods, dilemmas and my writing skills. Its just an added factor that you can also earn while blogging, i guess. Why don't you try blog hopping? I'm sure you will see how different each blogger's reason is for blogging. Cheers!
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