Angel Heart anime review

August 5, 2007 9:09am CST
I accidentally came across Angel Heart anime yesterday while I was surfing. A big fan of the manga series by Tsukasa Hojo, I jump at it and watched 14 episodes in one sitting. And I was very disappointed. The anime did a very poor job capturing the spirit of the manga. The emotions of the characters were not brought across very well, and a lot of the little dirty jokes you get to see in the manga was left out. Ryo is just not very complete without going a little too far with his mokkori. The god-like fighting abilities of the main characters was also down played in the anime. I know some would like it this way, it makes the characters more 'human', but personally its a bit of a turn off. Mad shooting skills and inhuman senses are what drew me to the manga in the first place Well, that's my 2 cents, what do you guys think about the anime?
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