There's a girl in my dreams...

United States
August 5, 2007 3:42pm CST
I have dreams of this girl... she's happy and loved by everyone. She has blonde hair and big beautiful blue eyes, and...shes only about 7 or 8. Her mom and dad love her to death, she loves her red-haired dolly... and she laughs and giggles and plays, and she's just happy all the time. This is in my dream and I don't understand why. Usually, my dreams are about me dying or being tormented... hell i've had dreams about Satan trying to posess me. Why all of a sudden am I seeing this child...happy? She doesn't seem to have a name... Has anyone else has this dream on the night of August 4th 2007? My friends have. They told me all about it before i even told them MY dream. We all dreamt of this little girl and her happiness... can someone tell me what this is about?
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@lecanis (16661)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
5 Aug 07
I didn't have the dream, but my group of friends and I have all had the same dreams at times too, and it usually seemed to be something that seemed rather mundane (like the little girl playing would be mundane) rather than overtly paranormal. It's very interesting that this should happen among your friends as well. I wonder if perhaps this little girl is a ghost who is trying to speak to someone, or if perhaps she is simply someone's memory. I have some memory issues because of post-traumatic stress disorder, and I know there have been times when my closest friends had dreams that were MY memories... we sort of concluded that I had been trying so hard to retrieve the memories myself that I had passed them on. I'm not saying the little girl is you, but perhaps someone you know or came into contact with. It could be any number of things really, but it's certainly interesting. And a nice break from your normal dreams, from what it sounds like.
• United States
13 Aug 07
Yea i guess it is a lucky break... but im still having it. I dont recall a little girl like her... and she's even started SINGING. ...its creepy... I kinda miss my old dreams after that one X_X seriously... this is like... THE RING crap goin on... sure it sounds happy, but no one else sees it like I do. Its ... its one of those "WTF" things.