August 7, 2007 7:06am CST
An innocent young man is shot dead by an unknown shooter. His body lies in the streets covered with newspapers. In the news there is a mother crying, I can feel so much her agony finding out his son was killed. I feel i am seeing someone who is so lost. This is the only time it is so deep. The feeling of loss, for a life gone that way, not in an accident, but by a vain crime. the mother's apperance may have left me, but not the truth portrayed by that real scenario. I want to run to her and comfort her if I can be there, but I wouldnt know how to do it, what to say to her. I won't tell her that the villains would be caught soon, that wouldnt ease her heavy pain. That mother don't have t0hat feeling towards people, to punish them. I can tell with much beliefs that before the crime, the mother is busy with work, either vending, or something else trying to survive the everyday life here in philippines. I can neither tell here to leave everything to god. For I myself, can't convinvce her. can't stand by her by that. It has been a day, and I wonder where is she now. What might she be doing to cope. I can rememebr her words in quiet lamentation she said "Pinatay nila ang anak ko", (they killed my son) i can feel she's trembling in much agony.If i can give her or pray for her to have courage, but I don't believe in me...in anything I pray, and what would it take.
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