one more time read of half-blood prince, i still grieve for dumbledore's death

August 7, 2007 8:08am CST
dumbledore,means not only security and peace to wizard world,but also reassurance and happiness to readers. i still remember he told harry what power love has, why the right is easier to forgive than the wrong,etc. and how can i forget his speech before dinne, full of wit and humor like this:there's a time for speech-making, but this is not.and his tolerance for all of people--he always gave another chance to the person had been abandoned. while reading his death, tears burst out.i believe we have got used to counting on him as harry and the other characters did.
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10 Aug 07
In everyone's lifetime, he/she loses his/her VIPs.It is inevitable and cruel,especailly for Harry who has lost his parents and godfather.Without the protection of Dumbledore it will be a tough time for Harry who has to fight against Voldemort alone.But when wipe his tears dry,Harry will be firmer and braver than before.He will win definitely.
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10 Aug 07
i never doubt Harry's ability to beat the dark lord, i was not sad for Harry! I just like dumbledore!I kind of grieve for myself,cause losing a fond character.
@amoyube1980 (2233)
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9 Apr 09
I cried when I read the part that when dumbledore got killed. I somehow felt what it's like to loose someone who is almost the parent-like figure you have left. Harry did loose sirius the previous book too. I kept hoping that dumbledore might rematerialize in some way in the last book, but it wasn't to be. Did you hear though that JK Rowlings said dumbledore is gay?