Making Money Online Has Never Been Easier

United States
August 7, 2007 9:27am CST
These days, our lives revolve around work. Because without work, there would not be any food on the table. Sometimes we work so much that we are missing the good things that life offers. Money id the key to everything; it allows you to be free and live to the fullest. And with todays' technological advances, making money online has never been easier. Since the advent of the internet, it has opened doors of opportunities to many people. These opportunities has given fortunes to some while leaving others with with nothing more than a penny. But if you reap these opportunities and be creative with it, your chances of success is extremely high. Ever heard of the name "John Chow"? Ever heard about "CyberWyre"? Those are just some examples of people who have done something creative with the opportunities they reaped. John is currently making over $15,000 USD a month from a blog that he considered a hobby. The owner of CyberWyre is blogging his way through college. You might be thinking, "Pfffff! That's garbage" but you are wrong in so many ways. These people are just like you and I, the only difference is that they know how to take the opportunity and turn it into success . And because of it, their hobby is their career. The opportunities are limitless. Everything you need to be successful is right in front of you. All you need to do is be different and use your creativity. Have you ever consider blogging? Building a website? Starting a forum? You can't even count how many tutorials out there that will help you build a website. The resources are out there right in front of you. But learning how to code in html will take a bit of time investment. The fastest way is to start a blog or a forum. It requires no knowledge of coding or anything. Within minutes, you can have your blogs or forums up and running. But what are my chances of being successful? This is the toughest part you will have to deal with. There are so many sites/competitions out there that it's hard to start a new site. That's why being creative and different help. If you do what you love and keep at it, you will succeed sooner or later. You think John Chow blog went from nothing to top in days? So how do I start? First, you'll need to find yourself a reliable hosting company. Paid hosting is the most reliable. But of course, who says free hosting isn't?;) I would recommend as I have a total of 4 sites hosted with them for free and the services they provide has been exceptional. They also have an automatic script installer with the many of the most popular scripts like wordpress (blog) and phpBB (forums) so all you do is make a click and wala! your blog/forum is instantly created! I would recommend you to use this host since they host accounts on a clustered platform. This ensures that your site will always be on unlike other hosts with a lot of downtime. Now that we have hosting, let's decide what you want (website, blog,forum). With a website, you can published your knowledge of something such as where is the best place to visit in xx_country. But updating and maintaining such site is a tough job. Often, you won't be receiving a lot of returning visitors because you website does not requires regular update. A blog on the other hand is kind of like a journal. You can post your thoughts so others can see and comments on. People can sign up to read your blog and of course returning visitors. Imagine a forum as a community, everyone who registers get to comments, posts, and share ideas. A blog or forum would be my recommendation. Onto the toughest part...deciding your theme. What will your site be about? Be creative and different. No one wants to read materials that is all over the net. So be different and comes up with new ideas... Now onto money. You can sign up for advertising networks such as Google adsense; they'll pay you to have their ads on your site. And if you're big enough, let people buy links off your website. So you put their link on your site and you get $$$ each month. Say an advertiser is willing to pay you $10 a month for a link to be place on your site, it's not much. But if you allow 10 advertisers to place links on your site, then you would be making $100 a month easy. Remember, he bigger you are, the more money people will pay you. There are more ways of monetizing...we'll keep this simple for now. So let's recap. What are the steps to making money online?1. Get Reliable Hosting -Free or Paid- ( I recommend ) 2. Decide whether you want to blog or start a forum ect. 3. Choose your nich. Find something you like doing and do it! 4. Monetize your website...
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@ayris77 (1304)
• Malaysia
7 Aug 07
I'm agree with you my friend! I'm also think that to get money is not easy as we think without any good follow up effort! Thank's for the site,i will check it soon!