Salt Water to Fresh Water

United States
August 7, 2007 11:22pm CST
Reagrdless of whether it's caused by global warning, the world's fresh water seems to be diminishing while the population grows larger. There was the lake in Chile that "disappeared" and the low levels of water in Lake Superior and Lake Mead in the United States/Canada. Many cities and countries have water desalination plants. My city, Long Beach, CA is expirementing with a new way to turn salt water into fresh water that will cost less and be less harmful to the environment. I don't know how beneficial desalination will be in the long run to make up for the melting ice. What other ways are cities conserving water? Building more resovoirs and recycling water are tried and true ideas, but are there any other innovative ways out there to conserve water for a diminishing supply and a growing world?
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• United States
8 Aug 07
I have heard of some cities trying to bring icebergs to their ports and control melting them as they need the freshwater. Yes it would take a lot of fuel to bring one of these ice bergs to a warmer area but if they need the water it would be worth it. Another way to conserve water is to make sure that the plants that you grow in your area are plants that do not need much water and take away a lot of grass for lawns. Grass should be for animals like cows to eat and not something to mow every week or so. I raise tropical fish (freshwater) and when I do a water change I try to use the old water in my garden. Some people have put in separate drains for "grey water" to water their lawns and gardens. I am sure that other people will write other water conserving ideas in here.
• United States
9 Aug 07
I live in a natural desert by the sea, so more and more I read about local people landscaping their yards with cactus and other plants that don't require water. And a lot of business parks utilize the grey water recycling. I remember back in the 1970's when we had a severe drought, there was talk about floating down an icberg from the North Pole, but I think the logistics of that was just too expensive and the situation did not warrant it. One thing i used to hear about a lot, but not much anymore is cloud seeding, whereby it would cause moisture to develop and cause rain when the clouds hit the coast. Perhaps they are afraid of causing severe storms to develop?
• India
9 Aug 07
Rain water harvesting is another way to conserve water.Every house should have rain water harvesting walls so that water can be affectively used for good purposes especially in the Tropical countries.Further,people should get the awareness of not wasting water and not to contaminate lake waters.Bringing awareness to the people of the wolrd about global warming can also help us in preventing water pollution.Water desliaintion is also a good means of using the sea water.But I think many countries have already come up with the desalination plants with low cost and high productivity of water
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• Philippines
9 Aug 07
Well it is true there a lot of ecological backlashes that are affected in the environment. Some that may not be even spotted till today, fresh water can depend largely on the weather of your place. Usually, taking your situation to authorities would be the best move, specialy when you pay your taxes.